Environment protection material

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Update time : 2021-11-12 12:10:24
There are three concepts in the eyewear business industry to describe the environment protection material: Bio material; ECO friendly material; recycled material.

A, Bio material
Bio (biodegradable) material means the material will break down into the environment within a period of time. Actually, many acetate brand has such series of product: Italian MAZZUCCHELLI/ Japanese DAICEL/ as well as Chinese JINYU & JIMEI. The material brand is up to customer's request, we have used Italian MAZZUCCHELLI, Japanese DAICEL as well as Chinese JINYU bio materials. Attached is Chinese JINYU bio material report which shows their bio acetate will be break down about 90% with 150 days. The biodegradation rate of the newest BIO lens (similar as Nylon) was tested over 45 days as 8.27%. 

B, ECO friendly material
The key for this material is the content of DEP (Diethyl Phthalates), which is used as Plasticizer and harmful for the environment. The the content of DEP in normal acetate is more than 25%, but less than 1% for ECO acetate. Samely, all the well known acetate brand has this product, and we can manufacture any of them. I attached the ECO report of Chinese JINYU also.

C, Recycled material.
To be frank, the recycled acetate we mentioned in China mean the waste acetate during the production. But when most of European and USA customer mentioned recycled material, they mean acetate comes from the old glasses or some other products with the same material. There is a high standard request during reproducing the material to avoid any pollution for both new glasses and environment. We do not use it often only if the customer request and provide the material.
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