All of AFALO Handcrafted glasses frame including acetate, metal, titanium as well as carbon fiber frame are processed by
           experienced workers with more than 200 procedures.

              ♦ Toasting procedure is a very important step at the first beginning.
              The perfect temperature and time control can realize better transparency and glossiness of the acetate itself.
              What more, the perfect temperature and time control will dry up the acetate for both surface and middle inside, which will
              keep the same hardness for both surface and middle inside. It is the key to ease the deformation of acetate sunglasses.

                ♦ Tumbling is the second important procedure.
                Just fine tumbling time will present better glossiness + perfect 3D angle or chic lines of the design.
                Besides, AFALO use special tumbling material in roller to realize above effect.

                ♦ Polishing is the key to present best glossiness which is one of the most important aspect to tell the quality standard of the
                   acetate glasses frame.
                   > AFALO workers are request to follow the operation instruction of Japanese polishing skills step by step.
                   > All AFALO workers for polishing are requested to have at least 5 years experiences for this procedure.
                   > AFALO use special polishing wheel which is used for jewellery.
                 With all these effort, AFALO acetate eyewear can reach 94GU glossiness as mirror, also can realize special 3D effect and
                 elegant curvature and lines.

            AFALO has talent designers and engineers with many year experiences, they are dedicated themselves in processing innovation
            to realize customer’s request.
            Lamination, different material combination, dual color texture plating, functional temples are all available. Welcome any
            challenging design and we are pleased to discuss together can realize for you.

If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.